OJSC «Il» young specialists participate in aviation session of Artek children camp

12 October 2016
Артек_.jpg25 school students from all over Russia, winners of Russian aviation contests and competitions, participate in aviation-themed session arranged by JSC UAC from 26 of September to 15 of October in Artek international children center.

As part of education program, OJSC «Il» specialists gave a series of lectures on history of aircraft and a workshop on building an aircraft model.

«The dream of visiting Artek came true. Giving lectures and building a glider together with children became even more interesting. We wanted to get the kids interested in aviation so that they choose the profession of aircraft designer after school», said the chairman of OJSC «Il» Young Specialists Council Maxim Govorun.

The participants were divided into five groups, each of the groups being occupied with preparation of an aircraft project and a flying model.

The practical nature of the program meant that the classes were not limited only to the study of flying models design. The teenagers solved practical problems and looked for original design concepts.

«We offered the children to build not just a glider, but almost a complete aircraft model with electric motor and control board. This is the first step to designing real aircraft. The flying models are used for testing ideas and theoretical calculations, aerodynamic and structural toughness research», said Maxim Govorun.

Reviewing of projects and launch of aircraft model will take place at the end of this thematic session.