OJSC «Il» museum hosts another presentation ceremony of certificates for Livanov’s scholarship

12 October 2016
ОАО Ил Certificates were presented to 4th-year students of Moscow Aviation Institute Anton Pustovoitov and Alexander Timohin, who completed their summer examination period with perfect results. The certificate entitles a student to receive an increased monthly allowance of 5800 roubles.

«10 students who completed their examination period with good and perfect results will receive OJSC «Il» allowance. When giving out these allowances we consider the academic performance of students in the employer-sponsored system, realized by OJSC «Il» employees. Each Wednesday 3rd and 4th years students of target groups come to the classes, arranged on the territory of our company», said Deputy General Director for Staff and Administration Yury Shaleev, who presented the certificates to the students.

He also said, «This years we concluded more over 100 agreements for targeted education, all our students are very clever, among them there are students, who finished school with gold medal. The competition for vacant places in these targeted groups was serious, the profession of engineer gains popularity among youth which is very important for acquiring young personnel by the company. I hope that after the winter exam period the number of students receiving our scholarship will increase.»