Il-103 officially handed over to Aviation Museum of Panteleimon parish in Zhukovsky

04 October 2016
Самолет Ил-103 торжественно передан в Музей авиации и космонавтики Пантелеимоновского прихода г. Жуковского On 30 September 2016 in Zhukovsky there was the official ceremony of delivery of the Il-103 aircraft to the Aviation and Space Museum of Panteleimon parish.

The ceremony was attended by OJSC «Il» Deputy General Director for production – Director of Zhukovsky Branch Andrey Rybin, OJSC «Il» chef pilot and Hero of the Russian Federation, honoured test-pilot Nikolay Kuimov, other test pilots of OJSC «Il», archpriest Nikolay Strukov, museum employees and churchgoers with children.

In his address Andrey Rybin mentioned that the addition of the Il-103 to museum collection would not only attract youth to revival and development of the Russian aviation, but also would help in spiritual and moral upbringing of the younger generation.

For information

Il-103 – light multi-purpose aircraft of general aviation. It took off for the first time on 17 May, 1994, flown by test pilot Igor Gudkov. This plane ensures the highest level of safety and exceptional manufacturability which allows large-scale production at accessible prices. The aircraft combines great aerodynamic characteristics, comfortable spacious cockpit, reliable engine and modern avionics.

Il-103 is also very economically efficient and reliable, it can operate in any climatic environment. It can be used as air taxi, patrol aircraft for coast guard and environmental monitoring. The aircraft is also designed to be used as a training aircraft for aviation academies.