Aircraft designer Jakov Aleksandrovich Kutepov celebrates his 105th birthday anniversary

10 November 2016
Кутепов Я.А. ОАО ИлOn November 10, 2016 aircraft designer Jakov Kutepov, Hero of Socialist Labour and laureate of State and Lenin prizes, celebrates his 105th birthday anniversary.

(10.11.1911 – 04.06.1985)

Jakov Kutepov was born on October 10, 1911 in the village Dmitrovskoye (Shatalovka district, Voronezh region).

In 1931, Jakov graduated from Voronezh aircraft technical college. He worked at Voronezh aircraft plant No. 16 from 1931 to 1933.

In 1934, Jakov started his carrier in Ilyushin Design Bureau. In 1941, he graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute. He worked as a designer, senior engineer of the Design Bureau, its deputy chief designer, leading designer, and deputy general designer – chief designer.

The aircraft designer took part in development of such aircraft as TsKB-26, Il-2, Il-4, Il-8 and Il-10. Being a leading designer, he was managing aircraft manufacturing works: Il-12, Il-22, Il-28, Il-46 and Il-54.

Jakov Kutepov played a great role in design and manufacturing of Il-38 ASW aircraft. Being a chief designer, Jakov was in charge of the given aircraft manufacturing.

Being a deputy chief designer, Jakov Kutepov was in charge of works on Il-14 and Il-18 passenger aircraft. He was managing design and manufacturing of the first indigenous wide-fuselage airliner – Il-86, as well as P-20 and 2R cruise missiles.

Systems designed under supervision of Jakov for control, cooling, heating of cockpit and wings, as well as major and complex works performed ensured manufacturing of economically relevant aircraft featuring high levels of reliability and safety.

In 1970, Jakov Kutepov was awarded Lenin Prize, in 1971 – USSR State Prize, and in 1975 he was given a highly-honoured title of Hero of Socialist Labour. This outstanding aircraft designer was awarded 3 Orders of Lenin, Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd Class, Order of the Red Star, 3 Orders of the Red Banner of Labour, Order of the Badge of Honour, and various medals.

In 2014, a serial modernized Il-38N ASW aircraft of the Russian Navy Aviation was named in honour of Ilyushin Design Bureau aircraft designer – Jakov Aleksandrovich Kutepov.

The Il-38N ASW aircraft has a new Novella P-38 target search and track system and extended range of armament compared with basic Il-38. The aircraft ensures successful performing of such tasks as patrol, submarines search and engagement, surface and air targets radio-electronic surveillance, mine deployment, search and rescue of people in water, as well as surface ecological monitoring.