OJSC «Il» employees participate in Donor Marathon

29 September 2016
ОАО Ил OJSC «Il» employees took part in Donor Marathon which started on 29 September in city clinical hospital No. 52 in Moscow.

The first marathon participants were Moscow aviation workers. During this event Ilyushin workers donated blood together with UAC employees and other subsidiaries. A total of about one hundred people participated in the event. All OJSC «Il» donors are young specialists under 35 years.

Donor Marathon, organized by the Russian Engineering Union is a very important social event intended to help patients in need of donor blood and its components. According to the statistics, every year more than 1.5 million people in Russia need a blood transfusion. At the end of 2015 in Russia there was over 1.5 million donors, an average of 10 donors per 1000 of population. Thanks to these people doctors save thousands of lives every year.

OJSC «Il» personnel training engineer Milana Zakharova, who was among the participants of the first day of Donor Marathon, was donating blood for the third time in her life. «I found out about the autumn Donor Marathon from company mailing and straight away decided to take part. It is a good deed and I truly hope that I can help somebody stay healthy», said Milana.