Il-114-300 Aircraft is to Have Key Capabilities Necessary for a Regional Aircraft

27 September 2016
Таликов_конференция_16.jpgIlyushin Aviation Complex, which forms part of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), participated in the working process of the Sixth International Conference and Exhibition «Regional Aviation of Russia and the CIS – 2016». The report on the Il-144 program implementation, presented by the chief designer of Il OJSC Nikolai Talikov, was of particular interest to the audience.

“Il-114-300 turbo-prop passenger aircraft will have key capabilities which are necessary for a Russia-made aerial vehicle designed for regional and local air transportation», Nikolai Talikov pointed out.

Il-114-300 will be an energy-efficient aircraft. Modern scientific and technological achievements aimed at securing the required levels of aerodynamic cleanness and weight efficiency of an aircraft and a power unit will ensure a high rate of fuel efficiency of the aircraft. The specific fuel consumption is to be kept within 550-580 g/km; the flight range with the maximum number of passengers will amount to 1900 km. While a lot flights to the neighbouring regions still have to be carried out via Moscow, Il-114-300 will deal with this problem, allowing the passengers to save more time and money.

Il-114-300 will be a comfortable aircraft. The experience of operating Il-114 shows that the aircraft is low-noise both outside and inside. During the flight, the passengers can calmly, without raising their voices, speak to their neighbours. In accordance with the demands of our time, the passenger cabin design is to be changed. Being subject to modernization, it will become up-to-date, yet maintaining its current comfort, and will allow using the internal space onboard the aircraft in the best possible way.

Il-114-300 will be a safe aircraft. The systems configuration is implemented in such a way so that to exclude the influence of failures on the operation of the remaining systems. They possess the necessary redundancy level, and well-proven materials are used in their design.

For the purposes of successful fulfillment of pilot duties and in order to reduce the aircrew’s workload, the aircraft is equipped with a new version of a digital flight and navigational complex, which ensures a take-off and a landing under the meteorological conditions corresponding to category II of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). All flight and navigational data and information on the aircraft systems operation are shown on five colour LCDs.

Il-114-300 will be a low-maintenance aircraft. It can operate on unprepared airfields with both concrete and ground surface with the soil density amounting to 7.5 kg/cm2. That is particularly important for the regions of this country, including the arctic ones.

Moreover, the aircraft is designed for autonomous operation in underequipped airports. Il-114-300 has integral air stairs allowing the passengers to enter and to exit. There is also an immediate and easy access to all the aircraft components and devices which are to be easily approachable as per the maintenance program.

Il-114-300 will be a maintenance-friendly aircraft. For Il-114-300 aircraft, they adopted a method of operation as per the technical state without overhauling, which allows maintaining the required level of airworthiness at minimum maintenance costs within the limits of the design service life amounting to 30,000 flight hours, or 30,000 flights, and the operational endurance amounting to 30 years.

Now, Il OJSC is developing a system of after-sale service and aircrew training as an important part of the Il-114-300 sales policy.

In the beginning, the period of prompt delivery of spare parts will amount to no more than 72 hours from the moment of order. Later on, these terms will be reduced.

For the purposes of pilot training there are a full-sized simulator cockpit with an imaging direct projection system (viewing angles 60x180 degrees) and a computer classroom providing automated training and performance monitoring of flight and technical personnel during individual and group sessions.

Il-114-300 will be a fully home-made aircraft. All the components will be manufactured at Russian enterprises.

Il-114-300 is a universal platform that allows making aircraft of various application on its basis, namely air-freighters, multi-purpose passenger-and-freight aircraft, special aviation aircraft (patrol, medical, flying command post, aerial survey, etc), aircraft with ski-and-wheel systems.

The development of Il-114-300 as transport platform is confirmed by the experience of real operation of the freight version of Il-114T and Il-114LL flying test-bed, which is the prototype of patrol aircraft of various application.

Nikolai Talikov finished his report with the words: “We are absolutely sure that Il-114-300 will be a huge success».

The conference «Regional Aviation of Russia and the CIS – 2016» is an annual sectoral event, most important in Russia and the CIS, during which key issues of development of regional and local aviation are discussed at the State and business levels. The conference hosts up to 300 managers and leading experts in the aviation field on an annual basis.