OJSC «Il» will tell about Il-114 program development at «Regional Aviation of Russia and the CIS – 2016» conference

22 September 2016
Таликов.jpgOJSC «Il» (forms part of UAC) will participate in the sixth international conference and exhibition «Regional Aviation of Russia and the CIS – 2016», which will take place in Moscow on 22-23 September 2016. At the conference OJSC «Il» General Designer Nikolay Talikov will tell about development of the Il-114 program.

«Recently there appeared a lot of various news on the turboprop airliner Il-114-300 for regional and local air service. We would like to provide the representatives of regional airlines with the most up-to-date firsthand information on the development of Il-114 program», said Nikolay Talikov.

The Il-114-300 airliner is designed for local routes. It is an upgraded version of the turboprop Il-114. JSC «RAC «MiG» will serve as the company-finalist for execution of the Il-114 project. Production capabilities will allow building up to 12 aircraft per year.

The flight crew consists of pilot-in-command and co-pilot. For successful performance of the flight crew the Il-114-300 is fitted with digital flight-navigation suite ensuring take-off and landing under weather conditions which conform to ICAO category II standard. All flight-navigation information and data on aircraft systems performance is delivered to five LCD displays.

Usage of the TV7-117SM engines as power plant increases the flight range with maximum passenger load up to 1900 km as compared to the Il-114.

Modern passenger cabin ensures comfortable flight within the whole altitude range.

The systems are configured in such a way that failure of one system does not influence the performance of others. The systems have required level of redundancy and employ well-proven materials.

Execution of modern technological achievements in maintaining necessary aerodynamic and weight efficiency of the aircraft and power unit give the Il-114-300 high fuel efficiency.

Aircraft landing gear allows it to land on unprepared aerodromes with concrete or dirt runways, which contributes to expansion of the Il-114-300 usage in different regions, including Arctic regions of our country.

Besides, the aircraft is designed for independent operation at non-equipped airports. The Il-114-300 has integral passenger airstairs. Access to all structural elements and units, inspection of which is required by maintenance program, is quick and easy.

For the Il-114-300 there was adopted a condition-based operation system without overhauls, which allows maintenance of necessary flight worthiness with minimal operational costs within design life of 30,000 flight hours or 30,000 flights and service life of 30 years.

Regional Aviation of Russia and CIS – 2016 is an annual largest professional event in Russia and the CIS, during which key issues of the development of regional and commuter aviation are discussed on the level of public authorities and business. The event is annually attended by up to 300 top managers and leading industry experts.