OJSC «Il» is among the winners of the contest «Aviation Worker of the Year»

22 September 2016

Авиастроитель года ОАО ИлMembers of the organizing committee of «Aviation Worker of the Year» summed up the contest results in 8 nominations. Following the meeting OJSC «Il» was named among the winners.

In the prestigious nomination «For success in development of systems and aggregates for aircraft industry» the work «Upgrade of the Il-78 wing for the purpose of weight-saving and improvement of operating characteristics» took the 2nd place.

The project is implemented at Aviastar-SP factory in Ulyanovsk. Long panels, used for manufacturing new wing, reduce its weight and simplify the production. At the same time, the wing becomes firmer, designed for bigger loads and operating life.

Another scientific work on creation of educational system for students, who made an agreement with OJSC «Il» about targeted training, and also for young specialists, was awarded a contest diploma.

Work with youth at OJSC «Il» is considered especially important in the context of innovative development. OJSC «Il» arranges special classes, focused on the enterprise-related topics, for senior students, who study under targeted training program, and for young specialists.

Quality training allows to prepare young specialist for participation in advanced developments and execution of OJSC «Il» design bureau projects, to raise their education level and improve their professional competence.

More than 100 works from companies, organizations and creative groups were evaluated at «Aviation Worker of the Year» contest following the results of 2015. The projects were evaluated by 130 members of Expert board. The awarding of winners will be held on 29 September 2016 in World Trade Center.