IL OJSC Team and Management Congratulate Vadim Kucherov on his 75th Anniversary

07 September 2016
Кучеров В.П.jpgOn September 7, 2016 Vadim Kucherov, Counsel for Deputy General Director for Staff and Administrative Management of Ilyushin Aviation Complex OJSC celebrates his 75th birthday anniversary.

Vadim’s career progress from engineer to general director of aviation production plant is closely related to Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after V.P. Chkalov where Vadim Kucherov had a prolonged work experience for more than 40 years. Skills in management of multi-thousand team helped Vadim to produce such impressive world-class IL-type aircraft as IL-76, IL-78 and IL-114. The given aircraft are still in effective service in our country as well as in foreign ones.

Under Vadim’s guidance, a complicated task of unique air wings production for the world’s biggest transport aircraft Antonov An-124 and An-225 was completed.

Vadim Kucherov obtained appreciation and earned certain respect among the state aviation industry specialists due to his long-standing fruitful professional life in aviation industry, exceptional diligence, reliability and principled approach to complicated tasks solution, as well as due to his expert organizational skills, especially applied under tough economic conditions.

At present Vadim Kucherov, working as a Counsel for Deputy General Director for Staff and Administrative Management of IL OJSC, pays much attention to building human resource capacity of the Design Bureau as well as involvement of young specialists in the company and organization of post-graduates HR management. Vadim professionalism involves ability to combine production work with social, scientific and teaching activities with masterly skills. His current work experience helped to increase the production capacity of the competent production facility as it is, to extend line of products and services delivered by the company.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex Team and Management wish to extend our warmest congratulations to the hero of anniversary and wish him health and career triumphs!

Biography reference:

Vadim Kucherov was born in Aramil (Sysertsky region, Sverdlovsk Oblast) on September 7, 1941. His father was a flight instructor. After finishing school in 1960 Vadim entered Kuibyshev Aviation Institute. Vadim graduated from the institute in 6 years as a machine engineer.

Kucherov started his career in 1966 at flight test station of Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after V.P. Chkalov.

In 1970 Vadim was promoted to the head of new IL-76 aircraft assembly department. Later on Vadim worked as a head of flight test station and a head of special wings production facility for Antonov An-124, An-225 and An-70.

In 1989 Vadim Kucherov was promoted to Deputy General Director for Production, and in 1993 – to Chief Engineer of the company.

In 1996 Vadim continued his career as a General Director of Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after V.P. Chkalov.

Working for senior positions Vadim Kucherov took direct part in development of IL-114 and in activities on reducing of IL-76 production labour intensity. He participated in overall modernization of IL-76MF aircraft featuring re-engining.

In 2005, under Vadim’s tactful guidance, upon the request of Volga-Dnepr Airlines the existing product line was enlarged with IL-76 aircraft modification with PS-90 engines named IL-76TD-90VD.

In 2007 Vadim changed for Moscow and working as a Deputy General Director – Director for Production managed IL OJSC works on IL-76 aircraft repair. Vadim actively participated in performing works on IL-38 and IL-38N.

Since 2013 Vadim Kucherov has been working as a Counsel for Deputy General Director for Staff and Administrative Management of Ilyushin Aviation Complex OJSC.

Vadim was rewarded with numerous awards for his fruitful work, namely: Order of the Red Banner of Labour and Mehnat Shuhraty Uzbekistan State Order, Badge of Honoured Aviation Industry Worker, Title of Veteran of Work as well as Title of Honoured Worker of Uzbekistan Republic. Vadim Kucherov is a member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, as well as of International Academy of Engineering and California International Academy of Sciences. Vadim is also a Pr. D. of Engineering and an author of a wide range of scientific papers.