Il-14T is Back in the Air

31 August 2016
ОАО ИлOne of the Il-14T aircraft, which was returned to an airworthy condition by a group of enthusiasts, was demonstrated to the guests of the air festival that took place in the Orlovka airfield.

The young development engineers of Il OJSC volunteered to take part in the process of return of the Il-14T aircraft back to flyable status.

The voluntary movement at the enterprise is one of the activities of the Young Professionals Board of the Ilyushin company.

Background information

The engineers of the Ilyushin design office developed Il-14 aircraft at the end of the 1940s. The aircraft flew all over the world, gaining universal fondness and admiration. Being able to land on and take off from small unprepared airfields, characterized by reliability, usability and comfort, by the mid-1960s it had become the main long-haul aircraft of Aeroflot. There were about forty configurations of Il-14: passenger, transport, ambulance, flying test beds… Il-14T is a transport version of the basic configuration of Il-14. Its operation while a part of polar aviation is worth mentioning as a separate point. Being low-maintenance and able to take off from and land on small ice grounds, it operated under most difficult meteorological conditions, in the rarefied air and unthinkable temperatures of -70 °C, at the time of intense icing. The aircraft was extensively used for ice reconnaissance and had been in the North and South Poles of the Earth. It also took part in the support of the arctic experiments never seen in history, such as the voyage of the Arktika nuclear-powered icebreaker and the ski trip through the ice towards the North Pole. There is still no full-fledged alternative to the aircraft for operation in high latitudes. Il-14 had been used up until the early 1990s.