OJSC «IL» congratulates Navy aviation on Russian Naval Forces Day

01 August 2016
Il-38N.jpgRussian Naval Forces Day is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of July. This year’s high day is of great prominence, thus this year it consolidates 3 Naval fleet jubilees at once: on the 19th of March it is the 110th anniversary of Submarine Forces, on the 17th of July – the 100th jubilee of Russian Naval Air Forces as well as on the 30th of October it is the 320th anniversary of the Russian Fleet.

During its more than 80 years of experience OJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» designed a wide range of outstanding aircraft for the Naval Air Forces.

Since first days of World War II the Naval Air Forces pilots performed bomb attacks of the adversary objects within its territory, operating various modifications of the long-range bomber aircraft – DB-3. On the night of August 7, 1941 aircrew of 15 DB-3T aircraft bombed Berlin for the first time ever.

During the post-war period ILyushin Experimental Design Bureau (former company name) worked on designing of jet front-line bomber - IL-28. Later on, on the 1st of June, 1950, the Council of Ministers of the USSR arrived at the decision concluded to design IL-28T – a torpedo aircraft made on the basis of the abovementioned aircraft type. The prototype aircraft first flight took place on the 8th of January, 1951. In October, 1951 the Naval Air Forces put a training aircraft into its service – Il-28U.

In the late 1950’s a new threat emerged out of the blue, i.e. the potential adversary deployment of nuclear submarines equipped with ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. On the 18th of June, 1960 the Council of Ministers of the USSR issued a decree on the development of IL-38 long-range ASW aircraft based on IL-18. The given aircraft was to be equipped with Berkut radio and hydroacoustic system. First-time flight of the first IL-38 prototype aircraft took place on the 28th of September, 1961. The first aviation group re-equipped with IL-38 aircraft is the 24th separate long-range ASW aviation regiment of the North Fleet (Kipelovo airport, the Vologda region).

In 2015 OJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» fulfilled its obligations under the state contract signed in between for the repair and serial modernization of the first group of IL-38 ASW aircraft, operated by the Russian Naval Air Forces, up to IL-38N. The total number of contractual modernized aircraft is 5 aerial vehicles. The following group of IL-38 ASW aircraft, operated by the Russian Naval Forces, will be modernized under the new contract signed in between the company and the Russian Ministry of Defence.

The modernization of the given type involves installation of the new Novella-P-38 target search and track system which significantly enhances the range of the tasks performed by the aircraft as well as its combat capabilities. The modernization is considered to be a prominent credit for OJSC «IL», United Aircraft Corporation and OJSC «Holding Company «Leninits» that helps to maximize national defence capabilities. The new target search and track system ensures the successful implementation of the following tasks: patrol, search and engagement of submarines (applying the enhanced range of armament comparing to basic IL-38), radar surveillance of surface and air targets, mine deployment, search & rescue operations in the sea as well as ecological monitoring of the sea surface.