OJSC «Il» young specialists participate in the international forum Engineers of the Future 2016

20 July 2016
ОАО ИлAt the VI International Youth Industrial Forum Engineers of the Future young specialists of OJSC «Il» successfully carried out the program for popularization of aircraft designer, exchange of professional experience and building effective communication between young engineers of aircraft enterprises.

«The events of the forum were attended by the core group of OJSC «Il» Young Specialists Council and winners of professional skills contest WorldSkills. We took active part in the business, educational and sport programs of the forum», said deputy chairman of Young Specialists Council Dmitry Kashporov.

During the business segment of the forum OJSC «Il» young specialists arranged several round tables, where they discussed the range of problems of youth at military-industrial complex enterprises, usage of Russian piston engines and perspectives of wide-body long-range aircraft.

As part of the educational program the young specialists participated in the work of aircraft faculty, organized by United Aircraft Corporation.

«At the faculty we learned about the main tendencies of global aircraft market, development strategies of United Aircraft Corporation, lean manufacturing and designing. In the course of a game we practiced the processed of flexible planning and industrial management», mentioned Dmitry Kashporov.

OJSC «Il» representatives also successfully performed in the sport segment of the forum by taking several first and medal places.

Following the results of the event OJSC «Il» took the seventh place in the corporate rating among three hundred participating companies, and design engineer Alexander Kamalin was rated in the top ten in individual category. Besides, OJSC «Il» young specialists received certificates «For special achievements» and «For active participation».

OJSC «Il’ is serious about working with young specialists, development of their creative and scientific and technical potential. Participation of young specialists in such international events is one of the conditions for development of young and technically savvy team at the company.