OJSC «IL» is preparing a medium-sized advanced military-transport aircraft scale model for wind-tunnel simulation test

27 June 2016

ОАО ИлOJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex on its own initiative works on development of medium-sized advanced military-transport aircraft designed to be operated by RAF.

The aircraft is designed for the transportation and paradrop of aircrew, cargo and machines on the flat bodies and free-drop delivery from low-altitude heights. The aircraft ensures the transportation of a wide range of cargoes (weight capacity - 20 tons) within the range more than 2 000 km taking-off and landing at unpaved and artificial runways. The aircraft also ensures operation from high-altitude runways, including high temperature, day and night conditions, under easy and complex weather conditions.

Two options of engines are in review for the aircraft thrust system: 2 ПС-90А engines or 2 ПД-14 advanced engines. Flight tests of ПД-14 engines started in 2015 based on IL-76LL flight-testing aircraft.

Detail Design Bureau of OJSC «IL» manufactured the scale model of medium-sized advanced military-transport aircraft, and engineers of Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute are on the stage of preparation for the wind-tunnel simulation test of the aircraft model including both ПС-90А and ПД-14 engines models.

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The program for development of medium-sized advanced military-transport aircraft is assigned in OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex with the program index designation – IL-214.