IL-38N took part in the air festive event dedicated to 100th jubilee of Naval Aviation held in Yeysk

18 July 2016
Ilyushin Aviation ComplexFestive events dedicated to 100th jubilee of Naval Aviation as well as to 35th anniversary of the Centre were held in the given 859th Combat Deployment and Pilot Transition Training Centre of the Russian Naval Aviation located in Yeysk.

The first serial IL-38N ASW aircraft «Rady Papkovsky» modernized by OJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» (part of PJSC UAC) took part in the flight display held in the frame of the festive event.

The given event was visited by Chief of the Russian Naval Aviation, the Hero of the Russian Federation, Major-General Igor Kozhin pointed that «Naval Aviation specialists successfully mastered and started the operation of modernized IL-38N aircraft equipped with Novella complex.» Igor Kozhin also emphasized that nowadays the pilots devotedly performed the assigned tasks, master their combat skills and intensively acquired the operational skills for new machinery and armament.

Director of the Naval Aviation Program Directorate Vladimir Mikhaylov, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Forces from 2002 to 2007, the Hero of the Russian Federation, General of the Army (retd.), graduate of Yeysk Higher Military Aviation School named after twice Hero of the Soviet Union pilot-cosmonaut V.M. Komarov, congratulated naval pilots on the field day on behalf of UAC PJSC.

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Naval Aviation Day is celebrated in Russia on July 17.
The celebration day is established in memory of the victory of Russian Naval Aviation over German aircraft dated back to July 17 (July 4 according to old calendar), 1916, being the first air combat over the Baltic Sea. On this very day four M-9 hydroplanes took-off from the Baltic Fleet aircraft carrier «Orlitca» and got into combat with four German aircraft over the Baltic Sea to defend the Russian Naval Base located on Saaremaa Island. Within the combat which ended in a victory of the Russian Naval Aviation Forces two Kaiser airplanes were brought down while the rest two were sent flying.