Meeting Held in OJSC Voronezh Aircraft Production Association Discussed Results of Executed Government Defence Contractual Work for the Period of 2016

06 July 2016
ОАО ИлOn July 5, 2016 OJSC Voronezh Aircraft Production Association held a meeting in the frame of which the execution of current year Government Defence Contractual Work was discussed. Yury Borisov, Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Yury Slyusar, President of PJSC UAC, Sergey Velmozhkin, General Director of OJSC «IL» and OJSC Voronezh Aircraft Production Association management took part in the meeting.

Yury Borisov paid a visit to aircraft production plant and had a look at aircraft assembly jigs designed for production of IL-112V as well as got acquainted with procedures of IL-96-400 production.

«This year the plant is to deliver a special control station based on IL-96-400 aircraft», Yury Borisov said.

The participants of the meeting also discussed the issues concerning the preparations required for the start of IL-112V light-weight military transport aircraft production.

«The aircraft is brand-new and is still being on the R&D stage. According to the resolution of Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Стапель для Ил-112ВForces of the Russian Federation first flight of this aircraft is to be held prior to July, 2017», Yury Borisov added and mentioned that the given project was under special supervision. «It was agreed that our interdepartmental working group in cooperation with Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is to carry out control over the project under review on a monthly basis.»

At present OJSC «IL» finalizes works on development of IL-112V working design and technological processing documentation for Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, and the aircraft production plant works on assembling of fuselage modules and manufacturing of wings.

In 2015 the aircraft design project was approved by the state customer. For the purposes of the project presentation a full-scale aircrew cockpit was produced and demonstrated to the state customer that allowed for close visual evaluation of WS ergonomics and proper arrangement of controls and LCD displays.

IL-112VIL-112V light-weight military transport aircraft is designed for transportation and assault landing of light-weight armament and military machines, cargo and crew, as well as wide range of various types of cargo in case of commercial application.

IL-112V aircraft ensures task implementation in various geographical and climatic conditions, at day and night time under simple and adverse weather conditions. The aircraft is equipped with cutting-edge aircraft-borne digital radio electronic system and glass cockpit. The aircraft ensures automatic landing approach feature at airfields that are specified in at least II ICAO airfield category and manual landing approach at airfields with minimum radio technical equipment.