Following the results of contest «Naval Ace 2016» OJSC «IL» test pilot Vladimir Irinarkhov rewarded the best aircrew of IL-38 ASW aircraft with a prize

04 July 2016

ОАО ИлA flight skills testing contest «Naval Ace 2016» organized for naval aviation was held in the 859th Combat Deployment and Pilot Transition Training Centre of the Russian Navy Aviation located in Yeysk.

At the high-profile awards ceremony an honored test pilot of the Russian Federation from OJSC «IL» Vladimir Irinarkhov in the name of OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex granted a prize, a mock-up of modernized IL-38N «Rady Papkovsky», to the best IL-38 ASW aircraft crew.

The aircrew of the Russian Pacific Fleet IL-38 aircraft (Yelizovo air base, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) under the command of captain Alexander Friedrich was announced a winner for the given contest.

Within the frame of the practical part of the given contest IL-38 aircrew performed a flight en-route and reached the training range at pre-defined time where the contestants deployed a group of radio hydro-acoustic buoys intended for search of adversary submarine and executed air bombardment of radar discrete target as well as exercised combat maneuvering round the hypothetical adversary AA defence system.


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Vladimir Irinarkhov was born in Moscow on the 3rd of January, 1945. Upon finishing secondary school he entered Orenburg Air Force Academy named in honor of I.S. Polbin. Then Vladimir served as a Baltic Fleet Naval Aviation test pilot. Vladimir Irinarkhov has been working as test pilot in OJSC Ilyushin Avation Complex since 1993.

Vladimir has tested such aircraft as IL-114, IL-114T, IL-38N, IL-38SD, IL-76, IL-76MF, IL-96-300, IL-96MO and IL-96-400.

Vladimir Irinarkhov performed 18 unique landings and take-offs of IL-76 aircraft at ice-covered Antarctica Patriot Hills Base under conditions of near zero runway friction coefficient and a strong crosswind (2001-2002). As a result of these flights a technique of ice-covered runaway take-offs and landings was mastered, as well as an expedition «Antarctic Odyssey 2001» was launched.

The test pilot worked on the program of vehicle flat body aerial delivery from IL-76 without auxiliary parachute and gave air staff of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation training on this technique.

Vladimir performed a first flight of IL-38N aircraft and passed it through the complete set of official tests including the given aircraft combat application. In the frame of the tests performed Vladimir was the first pilot who made an air drop of ASW missile from the turboprop IL-38 ASW aircraft.

In 2007 Vladimir Irinarkhov was the first to perform a stand out translatlantic flight on board IL-114 to Venezuela.

Vladimir Irinarkhov was awarded with the Order for Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR and the Medal for Battle Merit.