OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex is mastering state aviation equipment maintenance system

13 July 2016
With the aim of developing and improving of the after-sale maintenance system for ILYUSHIN type aircraft OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex establishes state aviation equipment maintenance service which includes mobile maintenance crew as well.

Mobile maintenance crew’s aim is to perform works on refurbishment of aircraft and extension of service life of ILYUSHIN aircraft that are in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces (RAF). A cross-functional commission group, including mobile maintenance crew, visits a home airfield to evaluate aircraft technical condition. The commission group in review inspects the aircraft, identifies its defects and faults. Thus the mobile maintenance crew is able to perform aircraft refurbishment works.

Up to date 7 mobile maintenance crew groups are in operation. They are located in 6 disposition places of RAF aircraft as well as in Moscow. The given mobile maintenance crew perform service works for IL-76, IL-78 and their modifications.

The mobile service crew comprises 35 specialists. At the beginning of this year all specialists have passed the qualification re-assessment procedures and confirmed their expert knowledge. The mobile maintenance crew specialists of OJSC «IL» being former military service aviation engineers and maintenance technicians (retd) got a field-specific education and years of comprehensive experience working with the given type aircraft.

All the members of mobile maintenance crew are provided with overalls, personal protective equipment, required tools and special mobile equipment (portable generators, compressors, etc.).

The evaluation of aircraft technical condition

and control of mobile crew quality of work are carried out via photographic documentation hereof. All the photos of any aircraft defects and results of work performed by mobile maintenance crew are timely transferred to OJSC «IL» corporate headquarters. The mentioned method ensures time-efficiently work of design bureau specialists aimed at professional comprehensive assessment of aircraft technical condition and development of recommendations on malfunctions repair as well as online supervision of works and results being in progress.

Over a period of 215 mobile maintenance crew brought up more than 70 aircraft back to airworthy condition with the total cost of work being around 150 million roubles.

This year, 2016, OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex taking into consideration RAF requirements is up to extend its volume of works.