Annual High School Graduate Day Held in OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex

07 July 2016
ОАО ИлOn July 7, 2016 OJSC «IL» held High School Graduate Day which brought together such participants as OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex representatives and more than 100 high school graduates who signed contracts with OJSC «IL» for specialist target education at field-specific higher education institutions which is intended to be financed from the federal budget.

Traditionally, prior to the opening ceremony the participants were offered to watch a film depicting the history of company foundation, its founder – Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin, and IL type aircraft.

During the official part of the event the future aviation specialists were greeted and addressed by Nilolay Talikov, OJSC «IL» General Designer; Yury Shaleev, Deputy General Director for Staff and Administration; Vadim Kucherov, member of the Academy of Science, Professor and Doctor of Engineering; Aleksey Kalugin , Head of Practical Training and Job Placement Division of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University); Sergey Senatov, chairman of OJSC «IL» Trade Union Organization; Dmitry Kashporov, Deputy Chairman of OJSC «IL» Young Professionals Board; and Pavel Trubnikov, fourth-year student of Moscow Aviation Institute studying via target field program of OJSC «IL».

OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex pays considerable attention to new-generation aviation engineers’ education. For this very reason, speakers told the graduates about the scope of studying at higher education institutions, advantages of work in OJSC «IL» as well as potential opportunities in reaching high levels of creativity and professionalism.

Nikolay Talikov, as mentioned above, OJSC «IL» General Designer addressed the participants with opening speech, «Having chosen the OJSC «IL»aviation engineer profession you already took your first life important steps. You will have to learn much as we all got to learn for all our lives. I wish you to climb all the success ladders in this hard work. We are eager to meet you in our company since we are in great need of young and qualified specialists graduated from higher education institutions.»

Target education supported by our company offers several advantages. Firstly, the given program itself significantly simplifies the process of entering a higher education institution because the program high school graduates have a separate competitive examination. Secondly, one does not have to think over future job placement after graduation so as one’s place of work is predefined in advance.

«Our company sticks to virtually serious and long-term tasks needed to be accomplished not only for the needs of government contractual work but of commercial organizations as well. Thus upon your graduation from a higher education institution you are definitely in great demand as specialists in our company. As is now, what you are supposed to do is to study hard in order to come to our company being a skilled specialist. And in return we are, no ifs ands or buts about it, help you with your education», Yury Shaleev, Deputy General Director for Staff and Administration spoke to the high school graduate audience.

«OJSC «IL» provides a wide range of social programmes including program intended to provide public assistance and support for young specialists. Our company has an operating Trade Union Organization, acting collective agreement which is comprised of a variety of social and financial support programs developed to support and motivate young specialists. Our company ensures the possibility for employees to receive welfare assistance and social benefits payouts. Organization of social security proofed conditions of work helps to improve the work environment and form a certain psychosocial safety climate», Sergey Senatov, chairman of OJSC «IL» Trade Union Organization, added.

Cooperation with young specialists is considered by OJSC «IL» to be of great importance in the perspective to perform tasks on innovative development. The company has an operating Young Professionals Board where we expect students to be active and ambitious.

«We have formed positive conditions for young specialists to master their professional skills and ensure self-fulfillment. We have an acting young specialists attraction, hold and professional development system; supervision program as well as organization of scientific and technical conferences, seminars and creativity competitions. Furthermore, we take an active part in cultural and sport events. All the enlisted ensures professional growth and creative development of young specialists «, Dmitry Kashporov, Deputy Chairman of Young Professionals Board, said.

OJSC «IL»OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex has been a member of state program for training of specialists for defence industry complex organizations since 2012. The company works in fruitful cooperation with state leading field-specific higher education institutions, such as Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), National Research University «MPEI», Moscow Technological University and Tomsk Polytechnic University.

Currently 126 students study in the higher education institutions who signed contracts with OJSC «IL» for specialist target education at field-specific higher education institutions which is intended to be financed from the federal budget. In 2016 104 high school graduates more were assigned to study at the higher education institutions. At last as of 2017 OJSC «IL» plans to employ more and more young highly professional engineers on permanent basis.

«Currently human resources tend to be one of the key focus tasks for our company. The present High School Graduate Day is the result of our hard work focused on realization of a comprehensive program on manpower training for OJSC «IL», Andrey Pozdnyakov, Head of Division for Cooperation with Education Institutions, informed the audience.

After the official part of the event had finished all the high school graduates gathered together to take a perfect shot with a monument of legendary IL-2 attack aircraft at the background, a tribute installed in the premises of our company.