OJSC «IL» General Director Sergey Velmozhkin congratulated JSC Myasishchev Design Bureau on the its jubilee at official ceremony

01 July 2016
A solemn meeting dedicated to semicentenary of JSC Myasishchev Design Bureau foundation was held in Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute.

The hero of a jubilee received congratulations from a member of the Board of Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation – M. Kashtan, Director of the Aviation Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation – S. Yemelyanov, OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex General Director – S. Velmozhkin, JSC Aviaprom General Director – V. Kuznetcov, Head of Zhukovsky Administration – Y. Prokhorov, Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute General Director – S. Chernyshev, JSC Gromov Flight Research Institute General Director, Hero of the Russian Federation – P. Vlasov, FSUE Flight Research Centre Chief Designer, Hero of the Russian Federation, honored test pilot – A. Kvochur, as well as from other high-level officials.

In the frame of his congratulatory speech for JSC Myasishchev Design Bureau OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex General Director Sergey Velmozhkin wished the company every success in the future mutual cooperation work and noted that «projects developed and implemented in R&D models by JSC Myasishchev Design Bureau, indeed, still blow our mind».

Over the years JSC Myasishchev Design Bureau and OJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex have been working in cooperation on the wide range of mutual R&D projects. Among significant successful projects the following ought to be noted: modernization of IL-38 AWS aircraft, IL-76 military transport aircraft and IL-78 air-refueling aircraft, as well as development of advanced military transport and special-purpose aircraft.

Summing up at the solemn meeting, JSC Myasishchev Design Bureau CEO Alexander Gorbunov said, «In my personal capacity and on behalf of my colleagues I wish to express my gratitude to management of UAC, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, especially to OJSC «IL» for taking care of our company, providing us with growing working load and saving our company’s brand image».