OJSC «IL» congratulates JSC «Myasishchev EMZ» on the 50th anniversary its foundation

14 June 2016
On June 14, 2016 JSC «Myasishchev Experimental Machine Building Plant (OMZ)» celebrates its 50th anniversary. Today, the company develops promising aircraft including special-purpose ones, as well as aircraft repair, update, and maintenance.

The anniversary is an important stage in the prominent history of the enterprise which is marked with great achievements and successes.

The progressive ideas incorporated in M-4, 3M, M-50, M-17, M-55 aircraft and many other products designed by the enterprise created a technological background for the domestic aircraft industry for the years to come ensuring military parity of our country.

Over the years, our teams have been jointly involved a number of joint development projects including successful work on the modernization of IL-38 anti-submarine aircraft, Il-76 heavy military transport and Il-78-tanker aircraft as well as development of the advanced military transport and special purpose aircraft.

OJSC «IL» congratulates the enterprise’s employees with the anniversary and wishes them new great achievements in creating new types of aircraft.