OOJSC «IL» congratulates JSC «Aviastar-SP» on the 40th anniversary of its foundation

10 June 2016
Без-имени-1.jpgOn June 10, 2016 JSC «Aviastar-SP», the largest aircraft production enterprise in Russia, celebrates its 40th anniversary. Today, the aircraft factory is engaged in serial production of the newest military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A. In addition, the company participates in a new large-scale project on the pre-production of Il-112B light transport aircraft. It’s also deeply involved in the cooperation on construction of SSJ100 and MC-21 aircraft. The factory also performs maintenance, repair, and modernization of An-124 aircraft.

Implementation of a number of joint development projects has been binding OOJSC «IL» and «Aviastar-SP» for many years. In 2008 Ulyanovsk aircraft factory started to work on Il-76MD-90A production project, which allowed the factory to achieve a new level of production efficiency to meet modern requirements, improve significantly the technical level of final assembly and testing, take leading positions in the domestic aviation industry.

In 2011 JSC «Aviastar-SP» manufactured and assembled an endurance test and the first flight test samples of Il-76MD-90A aircraft. On September 22, 2012 the aircraft made its maiden flight, and on October 4, 2012 its first demonstration flight in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. At that time , the largest contract in the history of modern Russian aviation industry was signed on supplying Il-76MD-90A heavy military transport aircraft for the Ministry of Defense’s needs.

Four Il-76MD-90A have already been manufactured, three of which under the contract with the Russian Defense Ministry. Now, 10 more Il-76MD-90A are in production at «Aviastar-SP» with different levels of their readiness. Works are being performed to create its modifications and a civilian version. So, the construction of the first IL-78M-90A promising tanker aircraft is at its final phase.

OJSC «IL» congratulates the enterprise’s employees with the anniversary and wishes them new great achievements in creating new types of aircraft.