Igor Zakirov, test pilot of OJSC «Il», Hero of Russia handed a prize to the winner of All-Russian stage of Aviadarts-2016 competition in the category of military-transport aviation

07 June 2016
A summarizing ceremony was held on Nakhimov Square - the central square of Sevastopol city. It included awarding the winners of All-Russian stage of Aviadarts-2016 military pilots professional skill competition which took place at Chauda range, Crimea.

The crews of Il-76MD military transport aircraft participated in the competition, competing in the accuracy of dropping cargo on a designated site from a horizontal flight, as well as in physical, theoretical training, air navigation, piloting technique.

On behalf of Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Igor Zakirov, the test pilot of OJSC «Il», Hero of Russia, the Honored Test Pilot of the USSR awarded the prize – a model of Il-76MD-90A «Viktor Livanov» heavy military transport aircraft - to the crew from Ivanovo MTA Aviation Center under the command of Captain Alexander Shokhin, which was recognized as the best in the competition.

The day before, Aviamiks air show was held in the frame of Aviadarts-2016 at Chauda range where Il-76MD military transport aircraft demonstrated the ability to extinguish fires and paradrop cargos.