OJSC «Il» and Moscow Aviation Institute opened educational and scientific CALS-technology laboratory

02 June 2016
On June 2, 2016 Digital Design and Production Technology educational and scientific laboratory was opened at Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). The laboratory will take a key role in modernization of the education process aimed at the development of modern approaches to aircraft design and manufacture.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex, which always emphasizes the importance of education - a key area of ​​the partnership between the enterprise and Russian educational institutions, allocated funds to equip the laboratory.

«Initially, an agreement on setting up the laboratory was concluded with Russian State Technological University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky (MATI), which was reorganized by joining Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) as its structural subdivision. Despite the complexity of the reorganization, we managed to follow the situation to its logical end and equip a laboratory,» Yuri Shaleev, the Deputy Director General of OJSC» Il « for HR and Administration said.

The main areas of laboratory work will include students training in the elements of CALS-technologies complex, aimed at providing a paperless information support for the product’s lifecycle.

The students will learn to solve a number of design and process problems including drawings digitizing, design manufacturability optimization, processes development using CAM systems. It is also possible to carry out R&D works.

In addition, OJSC «Il» engineers will be able to upgrade their skills working in the educational and scientific laboratory.

Having obtained practical skills in 3D modeling and structural design using NX CAD system, MAI students will be much more prepared to start working for the design bureaus of aviation industry.

«I hope that setting up of such a modern segment will raise students learning process to the level of solving practical problems faced by the company, to reduce the young specialists adaptation period after joining such companies as OJSC «Il», for example,» Yuri Shaleev said.

Commissioning of the lab will allow to improve the education process, raise it to a higher quality level, provide a modern basis for course and diploma projects, organize the students' practices.