«Il» Company presented the newest Il-76TD-90A transport aircraft

01 June 2016
ОАО ИлOn May 31, 2016, pursuant to a decision approved by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Industry of Russia, a flight and technical conference was held at the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory of JSC «Aviastar-SP» on creation of Il-76TD-90A new aircraft, which is a transport modification of the commercially available Il-76MD-90A aircraft.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Federal Air Transport Agency, PJSC «UAC», OJSC «Il», the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation, JSC «Aviastar-SP», the EMERCOM of Russia, Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies, Aviadvigatel JSC.

«We are pleased to introduce our new product - Il-76TD-90A transport aircraft. We hope that it will provide a benefit to the freight operators through an excellent combination of increased revenue load, range, reliability and fuel efficiency,» Nikolai Talikov, the General Designer of «Il» said.

As it was noted at the conference, Il-76TD-90A meets ICAO standards on environmental noise and harmful substances emission into the atmosphere. This allows expanding the geography of the transport aircraft operation on both domestic and foreign airlines.

Due to the wing modernization and installation of more powerful, fuel efficient, and low-noise PS-90A-76 engines, the new Il-76TD-90A transport aircraft takes more ОАО Ил Талиеов Н.Д.cargo (up to 60t) and flies farther (up to 4000 km with the maximum load).

A so-called ‘glass cockpit’, implemented on the plane, reduces crew workload and enhances flight safety.
The need to create a new domestic heavy transport aircraft with superior performance is being mentioned repeatedly. So the attention given to this event on the part of potential buyers is not surprising.
«We are witnessing a demand for such an aircraft as Il-76TD-90A which is capable of carrying bulky and heavy cargoes on domestic and international routes,» Ruben Yesayan, Deputy Director General of State Research Institute of Civil Aviation said.

«The potential Russian and foreign operators of transport aircraft are already showing great interest in Il-76TD-90A,» Nikolay Talikov said.

Previously, there was an agreement of intent signed between PJSC «UAC» and EMERCOM of Russia to supply transport aircraft of Il-76 family. Volga-Dnepr airline, which has been successfully operating Il-76TD-90VD aircraft for a long time also expressed interest in obtaining the new transport aircraft.

ОАО Ил  Авиастар-СП КапустинIl-76TD-90A and Il-76MD-90A feature a high percentage of identity in terms of design and assembly, thereby reducing the complexity, costs, and risks at all stages of production and at the same time providing operational benefits to the customers.

«By 2018, JSC «Aviastar-SP» is going to complete the production process preparation and the major production facilities upgrade. It will allow the plant to manufacture the specified number of both the main product Il-76MD-90A and Il-78M-90A tanker aircraft, as well as Il-76TD-90A,» Yuri Yagomost, Deputy Director General - Technical Director of JSC «Aviastar-SP» said.

JSC «Aviastar-SP» confirms its readiness to implement the new transport aircraft production program.

«Manufacture of Il-76TD-90A aircraft is the most important project for the company. I do hope that the customers of this aircraft will allow us to form a production program that goes beyond the horizons of 2018. There is a good number of interested parties and potential buyers for Il-76TD-90A including foreign states, and we believe that the export of the aircraft will substantially increase the profitability of both the developers and the plant,» Andrei Kapustin, the Managing Director of JSC «Aviastar JV» said.