OJSC «Il» congratulates the staff of the Military Transport Aviation of Russia on the day of the 85th anniversary

01 June 2016
On June 1, 2016 Military Transport Aviation (MTA) of Russia celebrated the 85th anniversary of its formation.

The creation of aviation units for transportation of troops and cargos by air, as well as for air-dropping and airmobile assault, marked the start of MTA. On June 1, 1931 the formation of an experienced paratrooper squad was completed and it became a prototype of military transport aviation units. The day of the formation of this group is considered to be the birthday of Russian military transport aviation.

Transport aircraft of «Il» brand are in service with national armed forces from the 40s of the last century. DB-3 and Il-4 bombers were used to perform specific tasks before the war and during the war. In the postwar period, the dedicated Il-12D and Il-14T military transport aircraft were designed and built.

In 1971 the first domestic jet military transport aircraft Il-76, created under the guidance of an outstanding aircraft designer Henry V. Novozhilov, made its maiden flight. In 1974 Il-76 entered service with MTA and since then it has been the main aircraft of military transport aviation for many years. This versatile machine and its modifications ensured and ensure today the implementation of MTA main tasks.

Presently, Ilyushin Aviation Complex has given a second life to Il-76 aircraft having created its new modification which is Il-76MD-90A heavy military transport aircraft. The avionics installed on the plane meet all modern requirements and significantly increase flights safety, aircraft navigation, paradropping accuracy. New engines and landing gear greatly enhance operational performance.

The production of the aircraft is set up at JSC «Aviastar-SP» and the aircraft is commercially available. Three of these aircraft have been delivered to the Russian Airspace Forces. MTA Ivanovo Aviation Center’s pilots have started to master the new plane.

Today, OJSC «Il» is working on the development of promising Il-112V light transport aircraft and a Il-214 multipurpose transport aircraft. “Il” staff is proud of creating a new generation of reliable transport aircraft for the Armed Forces.

OJSC «Il» congratulates the MTA community of the Russian Airspace Forces on the anniversary and wishes a success in their hard service for the benefit of our Motherland and peaceful sky over their heads!