May 31, 2016 marked 90 years since the birth of George K. Nohratyan-Torosyan, aircraft designer of OJSC «Il»

31 May 2016


George Nohratyan-Torosyan was born on May 31, 1926 in Moscow.

In 1943 he entered Moscow Aviation Institute. Being a 5th year student, he passed externship in Ilyushin Design Bureau. After graduation from the institute in 1949, he came to work to the same bureau.

The had been working for the company for 45 years and rose through the ranks from a design engineer to the Deputy Chief Designer of the Design Bureau. During his work, he was involved in the design, construction, testing, and operation of the Il-14, Il-18, Il-54, Il-62, Il-86, Il-76, Il-114 aircraft.

First, the intern was attached to the team involved in developing landing gear and trained by an experienced mentor Viktor N. Semenov. He took part in creating the landing gear for Il-14 passenger aircraft, as well as in the development of ground equipment.

In 1958 George Nohratyan-Torosyan was appointed lead designer. His responsibilities included the construction and testing of the landing gear for Il-18 new passenger aircraft.

Much of the work he carried out creating Il-54 transonic jet tactical bomber. He participated in designing the landing gear, construction of the aircraft at a pilot factory, flight testing.
In 1962 he was appointed head of the design team involved in designing aircraft control devices. He participated in designing and testing flap control systems, spoilers, stabilizers, as well as the nose landing gear on test aircraft in the frame of developing the world's best intercontinental airliner Il-62.

In 1967 he was appointed Deputy Chief Designer of the Design Bureau at the Kazan production factory where he made a great job putting Il-62 into production.

In the following years, he dealt with power plants being the Head of Design Bureau-3. Under his leadership, the engine installation works were carried out on the first domestic passenger wide-body Il-86 aircraft.

The distinctive features of George K. Nohratyan-Torosyan were a high level of theoretical training and considerable experience in flight testing, remarkable creative initiative and diligence. He possessed exceptional organizational skills.

Georgy Torosyan-Nohratyan is the author of 18 inventions, Laureate of the State Prize for putting into production Il-62 long-range passenger aircraft and the Lenin Prize for the creation of the Il-86 wide-body passenger aircraft. He was also awarded Order of Red Banner of Labor, two Orders of Badge of Honor, Medal of Honor for Labour Valour, the Badge of Excellence in Aeroflot and other departmental awards for successful activity in the field of aircraft construction.

George Nohratyan-Torosyan died on June 30, 1993 in Moscow.