WorldSkills competition at OJSC «Il»

16 May 2016
The competition as per the WorldSkills method was accomplished at O JSC «Il». One of the WorldSkills directions is a three-dimensional design, which is widely used in the aircraft industry. It was just the objective of the competition.

Competition task proposed to the participants, consisted of three modules. In the first module, it was necessary to design a three-dimensional part model as per the given drawing, create an assembly unit comprising the previously designed part and standard products. The second module supposed creation of a drawing as per the proposed model. The third module supposed creation of a model and a developed view of the part.

Congratulations to Denis Ilyin, who took the first place! As well as Vladimir Glaviznin with the second and Sergei Sigitov with the third places.
All winners will receive diplomas and monetary rewards. Il team will be formed from among the participants of the competition who won the prizes to participate in the corporate championship WorldSkills PJSC «UAC».

WorldSkills is an international non-profit movement, which aims to increase the prestige of working professions and development of vocational education through the harmonization of best practices and professional standards in all the world through the organization and holding of competitions in professional skill, both in each individual country and in the whole world.