Professional competition for young workers took place at OJSC «Il»

12 May 2016
 профессиональный конкурс молодых работниковAt the initiative of the Council of Young Professionals a professional competition for young workers took place at OJSC «Il».

The young specialists of OJSC «Il» under 35 years of age participated in the competition, including university students who have entered into an employment contract with the Company.

The competition was held in five different categories, the winners were determined by a specially formed activity-specific Commissions. The members of the Commissions were appointed from among the members of the Scientific and Technical Council, Heads of Departments and Leading Experts in the relevant areas of competition.

The projects submitted for the competition could be personal developments, offers, innovations, and solutions to improve the activity of OJSC «Il»
Congratulations to the winners:
1. Denis Ilyin - the first place in Digital Design and Engineering Analysis in Aeronautical Engineering;
2. Alexei Kostin - the first place in Design and Manufacture in Aeronautical Engineering;
3. Sergey Rudkov - the first place in Economics and Management;
4. Vadim Gluhih - the first place in Information Technologies;
5. Dmitry Rovenskiy - the first place in Flight Testing, Certification, Maintenance and After-Sales Service.

All winners will receive diplomas and monetary rewards.