OJSC IL General Director Sergey Velmozhkin was chosen in a board of directors of Russian Engineering Union

21 April 2016
ОАО ИлApril 19 in the Pillar Hall of Unions Russian Engineering union IV meeting took place. OJSC IL General director Sergey Velmozhkin took part in it and was chosen in the Board of Directors of the union.

Also by the results of the vote President of UAK Yuri Slyusar was chosen as a vice-president Russian Engineering union, and deputy general director – branch of Sukhoy company «КnААZ named by. Yu. А. Gagarin» Alexander Pekarsch – in the members of the central committee.

A welcome remarks to the meeting participants was from the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

«In 2015 in relation to 2014 machines and equipment production index was 88,9%, at that transport means – 91,5%, electric equipment, electronic and optic equipment – 92,1%, that means mere decrease. Nevertheless by the results of the first quarter of the current year equipment production index was already 105,4% – after fall of 2015».

Following the results of speeches of the delegates and discussion of the agenda it was marked that only modern, high-technological industry, competitive at the global market is able to maintain growth and development of Russian economy, stable working places and sovereignty of Russia.

In connection with this the participants of the meeting supported economic course, chosen by the President and showed readiness to actuate all resources to gain set goals.