Deputy Defence Minister Yury Borisov praises IL aircraft during III Russia Aviation Workers Convention

18 April 2016
БорисовOn 14-15 April the city of Zhukovsky (Moscow oblast) hosted III Russia Aviation Workers Convention. Among the participants there were Genrikh Novozhilov, OJSC «Il» honorary General Designer, member of the Russian Academy of Science, two-time Hero of Socialist Labour; and Vadim Kucherov, General Director of Tashkent Production Association named after V.P. Chkalov from 1996 to 2006, Doctor of Engineering, currently – Advisor to OJSC «Il» Deputy General Director for Staff and Administration.

Deputy Defence Minister Yury Borisov, who gave his speech at the convention, pointed out that at the moment the Russian aviation industry has managed to achieve high results in production as well as in research component.

After touching upon procurement plans for military transport aviation aircraft, deputy head of Defence department reported, that in the next year we are expecting the first flights of the light military transport IL-112. Also the Ministry plans to get new tanker aircraft based on the Il-76MD-90A.

Continuing the topic of development of military-transport aviation Yury Borisov mentioned that «in the near future we will have to work hard at the advanced aircraft complex; I’m speaking about a super-heavy transport aircraft. We will need to think how to create an in-demand aircraft in the interests of the Ministry of Defence and the civil market», said he, and also expressed his confidence that «aviation workers are capable of doing this».

In conclusion to his speech Yury Borisov emphasized that «aircraft industry has a future, and a bright and confident one».