Innovative project of OJSC «Il» receives Silver medal at International Salon of Inventions Archimedes-2016

05 April 2016
ОАО Ил «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» (part of UAC) participated in the XIX Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies Archimedes-2016 and presented advanced technologies and new projects in aeronautical engineering.

Archimedes-2016 gathered more than 300 companies and over 700 inventors, participants from 18 counties and 38 regions of the Russian Federation. Display of Archimedes-2016 Salon occupied more than 5000 square meters of exhibition area.

At OJSC «Il» exhibition stand one could learn information about the company, about primary and upgraded types of aircraft, designed by the enterprise and put into production.

OJSC «Il» presented its innovative aeronautical engineering solution – «Wing to fuselage attachment mechanism» – for the invention contest. This mechanism was developed by a team of OJSC «Il» employees: Lev Borisov, Oleg Chuvilin, Evgeny Guzeev, Olga Smirnova and Sergey Shutov.

An important feature of the new mechanism is the improved reliability of the joint due to two additional connections. Therefore destruction of any element doesn’t compromise the joint efficiency. Because the lower surface of wing, filled with fuel, is not in direct contact with cargo compartment space, it improves fire security. Besides, the new mechanism provides free bend of the wing in fuselage area without constraining it.

The invention is fully ready for industrial use. Implementation of this technology allows to reduce wing weight and assembly labour intensity.

Archimedes-2016 Salon was also characterized by a busy business program. Following the results of this program OJSC «Il» was awarded Diploma for active involvement in preparation and organization of the Salon. The invention «Wing to fuselage attachment mechanism», presented for the contest, was honoured by Diploma and Silver medal.

Ilyushin employees who participated in training events of the Salon received participants’ certificates.

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