The first modernized aircraft Il-76MD-M factory ground and flights tests were started

15 April 2016
Till the first stage of factory ground and flight tests of modernized heavy military-transport aircraft Il-76MD-M it is planned to execute the testing of all systems which were modernized (aircraft instrumentation, radio equipment, lighting equipment, furnishings and defence facilities).

Aircraft modernization project was designed by Ilyushin Aviation complex in accordance with the performance task given by Russian Air Force for the modernization purposes of the heavy military-transport aircrafts park of IL-76M and IL-76MD which are armed. The specialists of the OJSC “EMZ of V.M. Myasishchev” were involved in design documentation development. The modernization works were executed by OJSC “IL” on the production capacities of the company in Zhukovsky town. The outdated (out of production) equipment was replaced by the modern one. The aircraft specified lifetime has been extended from 30 to 40 years.

The first flight of modernized military-transport aircraft IL-76MD-M took place on the 28th of February 2016. This flight was executed by a crew under the command of Nikolay Kouimov- the Ilyushin Aviation Complex Chief-pilot, Honoured test-pilot of the Russian Federation. The flight was realized from the aerodrome of “LII of M.M. Gromov” in Zhukovsky town.