35 years ago modified military-transport Il-76MD made its maiden flight

06 March 2016
ОАО Ил On March 6, 1981 the first flight of the modified of the modified military-transport aircraft IL-76МD СССР-86871 was carried out at Aviation production factory, named after Chkalov V. P. in Tashkent. In June of 1984 the Il-76MD entered service with the USSR Air Force.

IL-76МD is designed for airdropping of cargo and troops, military equipment, military vehicles (including middle tanks), delivery of express goods, and also for transportation of casualties. If installed special equipment, may be used for fire extinguishing.

The Military-transport Il-76MD was created on the basis of the production military-transport Il-76M. The first modifications of the Il-76 had the takeoff weight of 170 tons, weight-lifting capacity of 28 tons with maximum load flying range of 4200 km. In the course of modernization the takeoff weight increased to 190 tons, weight-lifting capacity to 48 tons and loaded flight range with 40 ton load reached 4200 km.

The aircraft is designed for parachute and air landing delivery of cargo and troops, military equipment, cargo, fuel, containers.

The aircraft is fitted with 4 turbojet bypass engines D-30KP of 2nd series with 12,000 kgf of thrust each. The power plant ensures high thrust-to-weight ratio, and thrust reverser shortens the ground roll.

The Il-76MD has strong wing flap system and multi-wing landing gear with highly efficient braking system which allows takeoff and landing on unpaved runways.

The aircraft has pressurized cargo compartment and cargo ramp for convenient loading, unloading and airdropping of personnel and cargo.

If the Il-76MD is fitted with special equipment it can be used for fire extinguishing.

Further development of the aircraft was heave military-transport Il-76MD-M, which made its maiden flight on February 28, 2016. The upgrade project was developed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex (which forms a part of UAC) in compliance with performance specifications, submitted by the Russian Aerospace Forces for modernization of their fleet of heavy military-transport Il-76M and Il-76MD aircraft.