Deputy Minister of Defense evaluated IL-112 creation work

12 February 2016
Deputy Minister of Defense Yuri Borisov visited Voronezh aircraft factory (VASO). According to him works on creation of light military transport aircraft IL-112 are on schedule, in 2017 the maiden flight is planned.

«UAC chose VASO in quality of the main manufacturer of these aircrafts. We renewed contract for its development. By the plan from the middle of 2017 the maiden flight shall take place. By the reports of the military representatives, the situation is under control now — all goes on schedule», — mentioned the deputy of military department. Besides this, VASO develops special aircrafts for top public officials on the basis of wide body long-range aircrafts IL - 96, he added.

Yuri Borisov also mentioned, that product quality level of military designation have increased for the last three years and is still increasing.

«This year we by the order of the Supreme Commander of Armed Power of Russian Federation shall pay special attention to the quality. On February 15th we plan to make a conference, together with industry specialists, where we shall discuss quality level issues», — declared Deputy Minister of Defense.

UAC president Yuri Slusar is sure, that in the perspective the serial production of IL-112 may be counted 10s and 100s.

«OJSC “IL” “VASO” factories’ personnel make all, depending from them, in order in July 2017 IL-112 make its first flight. This is very challenging task. We hope that those efforts which VASO personnel takes shall lead to the desired result. The aircraft is much needed», - Yuri Slusar pointed out.

By the contract the development works, which OJSC “IL”concluded with the Russia Ministry of Defense in 2014, VASO shall construct 2 experimental models of IL-112В: one for static and endurance tests and second – for flight tests. Further Open Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex intends to conclude a contract for the serial supplies, which may start already in 2019.