Intensive flights of upgraded antisubmarine planes IL-38H started at Kamchatka

11 February 2016
ОАО Ил At the Pacific fleet air base of naval aviation in Elisovo (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyi) started intensive flights of upgraded antisubmarine planes IL-38H.

In the framework of winter combat training the crews are to work more than 10 flight shifts. The flights are performed in order to perfect pilotage skills, mastering new possibilities of the aircraft and navigational target-searching complex «Novella-П-38».

Upgraded aircraft IL-38Н is significantly differs from its predecessor IL-38. With the help of the new target-searching system, it can successfully solve patrol tasks, searching and demolition of submarines, radio electronic supervision for overwater and air targets, installation of minefields, searching and saving humans at the sea, and ecologic monitoring of water surface.

In 2015 Open Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex realized state contract for the overhaul and serial upgrade of the first lot of antisubmarine planes IL-38 of Russian Federation Naval aviation to the level IL-38Н. Now a new contract was concluded with the Ministry of Defense for the upgrade of the next lot of antisubmarine planes IL-38 to the level of IL-38Н.