OJSC “IL” young specialists’ meeting finished

08 February 2016
ОАО Ил From February 5th to 7th, 2016 at the basis of children’s holiday camp «Friendship» Open Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex XVIII young specialists’ meeting took place. Young engineers of PАО «UАC», PАО «Tupolev», OJSC «RSK «MIG», PAO «Irkut Corporation», OJSC « Myasishchev Experimental Machine-Building Plant».

«Such meetings became one of the important form of realization enterprise youth policy. The meeting was traditionally oriented on the development of professional abilities and leadership qualities. That is why we offered its participants to develop innovative project on aviation topic», - OJSC “IL” young specialists council chair Maxim Govorun said.

First day of the meeting was devoted to traditional training programs, aiming at getting to know the participants and revealing the leaders. As a result 7 teams were formed, in which the representatives of different enterprises were included.

The second day was devoted to projects work. Each team presented its innovative project for the creation of competitive sample of the aircraft and within a day developed a technical specification, economic feasibility study and enterprise organizational structure. Projects formed as a presentation were supported by the team leaders in front of jury.

Also during the day, intellectual games took place, in which the participants revealed not only technical knowledge, but also nonstandard approach to the solution of set tasks.

At the final day a round table was gathered at which the participants discussed the questions, connected with the effective use of young  ОАО Илspecialists’ potential, creation of conditions for increasing their social activity and adaptation at the new working place.

The meeting closed with solemn award of the winners and participants of the business program for the activity, initiative, original proposed solutions and great input in the work of the team.

«Such meetings allow to effectively match rest with intellectual work, aiming at the development of young specialists’ competence», - Maxim Govorun said.