Another MTA Il-76MD-90A aircraft relocated to its home base

28 January 2016
DSC_6002_.jpg On January 27, 2016 another heavy military-transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A, handed over to Military Transport aviation (MTA) of the Russian Military Space Forces was relocated to its permanent base with MTA center in Ivanovo.

The aircraft was manufactured against the order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation at Aviastar-SP enterprise in Ulyanovsk. This is the sixth heavy military-transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A built in Russia and designed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex.

In 2015 the supply of the new Russian-made heavy military-transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A to MTA began for the first time in post-Soviet history, the first two aircraft were delivered.


Following the results of 2015 Military Transport aviation command became the best formation of the Russian Military Space Forces

In 2015 MTA flying personnel participated in all surprise inspections of military districts, the strategic command and staff exercise “Center-2015”, Military Space Forces exercises, it was involved in Army and airborne troops’ exercises, as well as in “Aviadarts-2015” competition, which was a part of International Army games.

Besides, MTA crews carried out landings on the seasonal arctic aerodrome with snow surface on Alexandra Land Island of Franz Josef Land archipelago for the first time. In the course of preparation for the strategic command and staff exercise “Center-2015” flying personnel of MTA practiced take-off and landing at the field aerodrome in Orenburg oblast.