20th aircraft repair plant makes overhaul of all aircraft types on the basis of IL-18, is getting ready to 100 year anniversary

18 January 2016
Strategic partner of Aviation Complex named after Ilyushin S. V., 20th aircraft repair plant, at which overhaul of all special designation aircraft types is mastered, created on the basis of IL-18, will celebrate 100 year anniversary in 2016. This particular enterprise by the contract with Aviation Complex named after Ilyushin S. V. performs aircraft IL-38 overhaul reconditioning before its upgrading to the level of IL-38Н in order to reduce general work timeframes.

20th aircraft repair plant – is one of the oldest Russian enterprise for the repair and upgrade of aviation equipment. Nearly 100-year history of the factory – is a way of progress in organization, mastering and making overhaul of aviation equipment, starting from the first samples – R-5 planes, flying boats Zh-1-24, and ending by aircrafts IL-18 of all modifications, and also frontline bombers Su-24, fighters Su-27 and carrier fighters Su-33.

On August 20th 1916 «Regulations on construction the facility of Aviation workshop and test laboratory», the project was put under consideration of Council of Ministers, received «highest» approval and on August 24, 1916 by the secret order on fleet № 176 was brought into action. Workshop home station was the Eastern dike of input channel Galernaya harbor of Grebnoy port of Vasilievsky island in Saint Petersburg. First planes, which were repaired, were «Gakkel-3», « Gakkel -7», «YuN-30», Dornier «Val», flying boats М-5, М-9, М-11 designed by D.P. Grigorovich, С-6А, С-10 by I.I. Sikorskyi. At prewar period aircrafts МBR-2, U-2, ТB-3, SB were repaired.

During Great Patriotic War 2117 aircrafts, 1429 aviation engines, 1582 propellers were repaired. Orders and medals received 267 workshop workers. Practically all commissioned aircraft nomenclature was mastered by workers and engineers of the enterprise. These aircrafts are IL-2, DB-3F, Yak-1, Yak -7Б, Yak -9, Mig-3, LaGG-3, Pe-2, I-2, I-16, La-5.

Service technicians took part in preparation of the bombers of colonel Preobrazhenskyi group for the flight to bomb Berlin in August 1941.

After the end of war in peaceful conditions it was necessary to make considerate and hard work for the recovery of production areas and equipment of repair workshops, to train young staff. At the same time to proceed repair and upgrade of aircrafts, motors, weapon and other aviation equipment for Air Forces and Navy.

In 1955 big changes occurred in production-technical activity of the enterprise. On August 1st 1955 aircraft maintenance center was renamed for «Workshop № 20 of Navy». Mastering of jet propulsion new modern equipment started. Repair was more complicated. Special technical equipment was required. Structural rebuild of production became necessary, repair became differentiate. Engineering and technical staff number increased. From 1959 at the workshop started to repair hydroplane Bе-6, which was the main plane for the repair for long years.

With the start of supersonic jet aviation age the image of the plant changed beyond recognition.

From 1964 at the new territory in Pushkin the overhaul of aircraft Тu-16 started, and converting of aircrafts IL-14, IL-18, Тu-124.

Specifically these years staff members solves such a difficult task as repair and converting of missile carrier aircraft Тu-16К-10 into missile carrier bomber Тu-16К-10-26.

Throughout its existence 20 АRP repaired thousands of aircrafts and helicopters. Mastering the repair of more complex equipment, enterprise personnel accumulated priceless experience and created unique equipped repair and upgrade basis.

Today 20th aircraft repair plant – is a modern progressive enterprise, making repair of aviation equipment, first for the needs of Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.

For the repair and upgrade of aviation equipment, the plant has all necessary facilities: warm hangars, production and warehouse buildings and facilities, modern technological equipment, highly qualified specialists with many years of work experience. The enterprise is equipped with NDT test benches of primary aircraft elements, test of hydraulic, fuel and other systems. Radio electronic equipment and aviation equipment is also may be repaired here. Personnel of these workshops is able to solve all specter of tasks for the recovery of maintainability and resource of units, systems, components and complexes, being the part of the aircrafts. In the workshops the new life was given to the aircrafts and helicopters of India Navy, Algerian Air Force and other countries. High reputation and convenient geographical position in the immediate vicinity from air, sea and railway locations sustains constant expanding of circle of clients.

Almost 100-year existence history at 20th aircraft repair plant repair of 38 plane types was mastered and 5 types of aviation motors, conversion work of 22 planes, a lot of other works were performed at the aircrafts, helicopters and rockets.