Exposition of the park «Patriot» received armored shell of IL-2 attack plane

22 December 2015
In the branch of park «Patriot» - «Central museum of combat vehicle arsenal» in Cubinka, Moscow region a solemn ceremony took place for presentation of new unique exhibit item – by armored shell of IL-2 attack plane, which was designed under the guidance of Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin.

Legendary IL-2 attack plane № 7826 was the part of 2 air squadron of the 8th guards assault aviation regiment of Black Sea Air Force, and did not return from combat mission on the 1st of November 1943 (was shot down in an air fight above Kerch strait and fell down into the sea.)

This «flying tank» was found in August 2015 by sea engineering company, researching Kerch strait water area in the place, where it is supposed to build transport infrastructure objects, aimed at connecting Crimean peninsula with Russian Federation continental part. Following the results of diving inspection and by the agreement with the representatives of Defense Ministry representatives of Russian Federation it was decided to lift attack plane on board of research vessel and deliver it to Gelendzhik sea port.

Also it was found out that in the cabine of the plane there are pilots’ mortal remains, and also their personal things, including life vest, order of the Red Banner and order «Guard». Thanks to these things and well-preserved plane motor number (АМ-38F № 25301) the team of social searching organizations «Podvig», «Kubanskyi platsdarm», with the help of Moscow colleagues managed to find attachment of the found attack plane to one of the Air Force divisions, and also the crew member names – sublieutenant pilot Alexander Petrovich Udarov and radio gunner corporal Peter Pavlovich Kalinkin.

After the preparational works in Gelendzhik the plane was transported to Saint-Petersburg for the final cleaning from bottom and organic deposits. After final restoration by sea engineering company, which has found the attack plane, at the bottom of Kerch strait, it was decided to transfer this historic exhibit item on a free basis in the park «Patriot» Moscow region, Cubinka.

At the solemn transfer of exhibit item, which took place on December 19th, park representatives told about the creation of IL-2 plane, the history of the crew fatality and lifting this plane from the bottom of Kerch strait. At the event presented young pilots from high aerobatic aviation groups from Russian Air Forces «Russian Knights» and «Swifts». In the framework of the presentation, the museum visitors could get acquainted with photo-exhibition «Work of search expeditions of park «Patriot» in 2015.