OJSC «Il» management congratulates employees on the upcoming New Year

30 December 2015
On December 30, 2015 Ilyushin Aviation Complex hosted an official meeting, dedicated to New Year. The event was attended by General Director Sergey Velmozhkin and company management.

In his speech Sergey Velmozhkin pointed out a positive tendency in the company development: the number of employees has grown, the revenue increased almost twofold. «Our company is one of the few in the aviation industry, which was profitable this year. This was achieved by our whole team.»

There is a package of orders for the coming years, which allows the company to feel confidence about its future. «The destiny of our enterprise is in our hands. It depends completely on our performance in the next year», summed up Sergey Velmozhkin.

Head of the company congratulated everybody in attendance on the upcoming New Year and Christmas and wished good health, happiness and success in the incoming year.

The event ended with concert, performed by creative team of young company employees.