Aviation Complex named after Ilyushn S. V. celebrated 83 years from the date of foundation

13 January 2016
OJSC «IL» On January 13th 2016 Aviation Complex named after Ilyushn S. V. celebrated 83 years from the date of foundation. This day on the enterprise territory a solemn meeting took place, commemorated to the opening of memorial plate of General Director – General Designer of OJSC «IL» Livanov Victor in the period from 2006 to 2014.

At the event presented Deputy of industry and commerce Minister of Russian Federation Andrew Boginskyi, panel member of Military-Industrial commission of Russian Federation Mikhail Kashtan, President of UAC Yuri Slusar, the commander of Military transport aviation of Air-Space Forces of Russian Federation Vladimir Benedictov, member of the Board of UAC Directors Boris Aleshin, relatives of Victor Livanov – widow Tatiana Olegovna and son Dmitri Livanov, the Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation, and also management and staff of the enterprise.

Management and guests marked Victor Livanov substantial contribution in the development of Aviation Complex named after Ilyushn S. V. «Victor Vladimirovich put those fundamentals which allow to look optimistically in the future. Today event is important not only for OJSC «IL» workers, but for those young people, who come today in the aviation complex. «It all speaks about our honoring our traditions», highlighted Andrew Boginskyi.

Vladimir Benedictov spoke upon mutual work with Victor Livanov: «I was lucky that I knew such a person. Thanks to him today we have confidence in the future. Military transport OJSC «IL» aviation received first two aircrafts IL-76MD-90A – continuation of the great aircraft Il-76, which was created long ago and proved its possibilities and capabilities in different conditions and circumstances».

Yuri Slusar marked that this is not the first memorable event connected with the name of Victor Livanov: «Last year in Moscow we opened the monument for aircraft designer. In Ulyanovsk the prospect was named after Livanov. Such events are important for us all, as it highlights continuity of generations, involvement of us all in the rich, great history of the Russian aviation and strengthen the sense of responsibility for the activity we have».

Dmitri Livanov thanked everybody for the memory to his father. «Victor Vladimirovich came to work at the enterprise from the University in 1967. From that time on and till the last day of his life he worked at «IL». We will always remember him. Thank you that you also remember him. Those aircrafts and projects, which were realized under his participation and under his guidance – are the best monument for him».

OJSC «IL» The event was proceeded by traditional meeting in the enterprise main building. Honorary General Designer of OJSC «IL» Genrich Novozhilov told about historical deserts of the enterprise and congratulated the colleagues with the holiday. OJSC «IL» General Director Sergey Velmozhkin appeared with 2015 report and told about perspectives and plans. «We have quite serious tasks, which are connected with Government Contract, as well as with commercial obligations. If we implement all this, no crisis is terrible for us. We are opening the additional wondow of opportunities and we shall try to use it», - Sergey Vladimirovich said.

During the meeting the overall results were drawn of 2015 yearly professional contest «Best in profession». 18 best employees were awarded exclusive honorary certificates and memorable gifts, and their photographs were put on enterprise Honours Board.

Also in the framework of the event the meeting between the management of OJSC «IL» and representatives of mass media took place.

«Design Bureau of experimental aircraft engineering of light aircrafts and military series for organization of closed cycle design and production of aircrafts» was founded on January 13th 1933, basing upon order №411 by Deputy Heavy Equipment Industry People’s Commissar of USSR at the factory № 39 named after Menzhinskyi V. R. Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin was assigned as the Head of Central Design Bureau. The history of our enterprise started from that day on.