Il-76MD-90A «Viktor Livanov» was solemnly handed over to the Ministry of Defense of Russia

02 December 2015

Ил-76МД-90А-Виктор-Ливанов.jpgOn the 2nd of December, 2015, a regular production heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A was solemnly handed over to the client in Ul’yanovsk. The aircraft is designed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex and constructed by Aviation Plant «Aviastar-SP» by order of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

A symbolic key of the aircraft was handed over to Vladimir Benedictov - the Commander of military transport aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces. The statement of acceptance/handing over the airplane was signed in the presence of Ilyushin Aviation Complex representatives: Mr. Sergey Artukhov – Deputy General Director in charge of programs management and Mr. Andrey Novozhilov - Deputy General Director in charge of designing - Chief of Design Bureau.

The aircraft has successfully completed the program of flying tests that included the evaluation of stability and manoeuvrability characteristics, aircraft equipement, flight controls, engines start-up. In all, nine flights have been done.

Under the approval of Headquarters of Military-transport aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces the aircraft was named after Viktor Livanov – the General Director-Chief Designer of Ilyushin Aviation Complex from 2006 to 2014 years, the Chief Designer of aircraft equipment for transport aviation from 2012 to 2014 years, laureate of State Prize in the field of science and technology, Doctor of Economic Science, the Head of Sub-faculty for special aircraft and information-measuring system in the Moscow Physical & Engineering University, honorary aircraft designer, cavalier of several decorations.

The Air Show «MAKS-2015» that takes place in Jukovsky town saw the aircraft «Viktor Livanov» appeared in august.

The airplane Il-76MD-90A is the first military transport aircraft made in Russian Federation that arms Military-transport aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces. This airplane presents the deeply redesigned version of well proved aircraft Il-76MD.

A new EFIS, AFCS, addressing & reporting system and «glass» canopy meet all requirements to aircraft avionics and greatly assure flight safety, accuracy of air navigation and paradropping. Due to the replacement of regular engines D-30KP2 by more up-to-date engines PS-90A-76, the installation of modified wing et reinforced landing gear, the aircraft performances become wider.

In 2012 there was signed an agreement - the most important treaty concluded during the contemporary history of Russian aviation industry - between Ministry of Defense of Russia and «UAC-Transport aircrafts» according to which the supply of 39 heavy transport aircrafts Il-76MD-90A is envisaged. It is. The contract value amounted to around 140 billion roubles. The program of state order will be executed till 2020.