The first Il-76MD-90A for military transport aviation was transferred to Ivanovo – its permanent position

04 December 2015
Ilyushin Aviation Complex

On the 3rd of December, 2015, heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A named after «Viktor Livanov» was transferred to his permanent position – 610- Air Crew Military Training and Transition Center located in Ivanovo town.

The aircraft was constructed by order of the Ministry of Defense of Russia on Ul’yanovsk Aviation Plant «Aviastar-SP». On the eve, a symbolic key of the aircraft was handed over in Ul’yanovsk to Vladimir Benedictov - the Commander of military transport aviation.

The ceremonial meeting was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the Ilyushin Aviation Complex, «Aviastar-SP» plant as well as by the military personnel of the 610-th Air Crew Training and Transition Center of Ivanovo town and veterans of military transport aviation.

In his speech the Commander of military transport aviation lieutenant-general Vladimir Benedictov noted that this event is important because the potential of armed forces grows together with the potential of military transport aviation. «We believe in this plane. The new aircraft Il-76MD-90A with high-quality characteristics surpasses greatly its predecessor by reliability, range of distance, economy and carrying capacity. It could be the basis of a whole series of special purposes aircrafts», - he said.

Mr. Sergey Velmozhkin – the General Director of Ilyushin Aviation Complex – congratulated: «Today, it’s the common occasion for all of us. We’ve made a long way to this moment – when constructed aircrafts started to reinforce military transport aviation. We are sure these are the first signs, there will be others». On behalf of Ilyushin Aviation Complex Mr. Velmozhkin gave a present to the military personnel of the 610-th Air Crew Training and Transition Center – a model of aircraft Il-76MD-90A that will be stored in the museum of military unit.

Mr. Nikolay Talikov – Ilyushin Aviation Complex Chief Designer marked flight and technical characteristics of the new military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A. «The most important differences are a new wing, strengthened airframe, new canopy and equipment that allow to operate the aircraft on the up-to-date standard. The engine, installed on the aircraft, is produced by OEM/Perm. It meets all ICAO standards regarding noise, emissions that allow aircraft to fly all over the world without any limitations».

It should be noted that Il-76MD-90A is the first military transport aircraft made in Russian Federation that arms Military-transport aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces. This plane presents the deeply redesigned version of well proved aircraft Il-76MD.

In 2012 in the presence of Mr. Vladimir Putin – the President of Russia – there was signed an agreement between Ministry of Defense of Russia and «UAC-Transport aircrafts» according to which the supply of 39 heavy transport aircrafts Il-76MD-90A is envisaged. It is the most important treaty concluded during the contemporary history of Russian aviation industry. The contract value amounted to around 140 billion roubles. The program of state order will be executed till 2020.

Il-76MD-90A named after «Viktor Livanov»

Il-76MD-90A named after «Viktor Livanov»