OJSC «IL» congratulates civil aviation employees on their professional holiday

07 December 2015
ОАО Ил 7th of December it is celebrated International Civil Aviation Day. OJSC «IL» congratulates employees and veterans of the civil aviation on their professional holiday.

During more than 80-year company`history, aviation complex after S.V. Ilyushin developed and still continues to design aircraft for civil aviation.

The history of IL airliners begins in the mid 30s, when in Sergey Vkadimirovich Ilyushin mind was born an idea to design civil airliner based on the prototype of a bomber aircraft CKB-26. However, high workload at the combat aviation did not allow to realize this project.

To civil category Mr. Ilyushin returned in 1943, seemingly at the most inappropriate moment - in the height of the Great Patriotic War. Nevertheless, he believed that the post-war development of the national economy will be accompanied by the growth of passenger and cargo traffic.

15th August, 1945 the first passenger aircraft IL-12, designed in UDB (united design bureau), took off, and in 1948 appeared on the international routes. IL-14, IL-18, intercontinental IL-62, the first wide-body Il-86, light utility IL-103, local IL-114 and the first intercontinental widebody Il-96 followed after the pioneer.

In 1971 heavy military transport aircraft IL-76 rose into the air. Its civilian version IL-76TD and IL-76TD-90VD are successfully operated by Russian and international companies specializing in air freight.

Up today, passenger and cargo aircraft of brand «IL» carry on its work in the sky.