OJSC «IL» First Deputy General Director, Yuri Mikhailovich Yudin celebrating his 60th anniversary

21 November 2015

Yudin Yury Mikhailovich was born November 21, 1955. In the 1977 he graduated from the Georgian Polytechnic Institute named after V.I. Lenin, in 1985 - a special department of the Moscow Management Institute named after Ordzhonikidze. Since 1978 he works in OJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex», where he rised from design engineer to the First Deputy General Director.

Mr. Yudin participates in and manages development of projects and long-term development plans of «IL», does a great work in finance providing and new aircraft designing direction. Was directly involved in the designing of IL-76 and its modifications, the tanker IL-78, anti-submarine IL-38SD; aircrafts for Russia civil aviation and abroad - IL-96-300, IL-96-400, IL-114-100 and IL-103, special purpose aircraft for the Russia Air Force and foreign countries. He participated in the preparation and signing of the contract with the Indian Ministry of Defence to modernize Indian Navy aircraft IL-38SD. He made a great contribution to the designing of the new Russian heavy military transport aircraft IL-76MD-90A.

During his work at OJSC «IL» Yury Mikhailovich proved himself as a competent, enterprising worker that able to deal with practical issues related to the expansion and development of an activity and services list that is offered to «IL» brand aircraft operators, increase of OJSC «IL» activity efficiency on implementation of the State defense order . He puts into practice modern solutions and technologies related to the research and development work conduction, financial planning systematization, pricing and brand «IL» products and services promotion on the aviation markets.

Carries out effective activity organization improving quality of after-sales services as in Russia same as abroad in the framework of military-technical cooperation with foreign partners. All of this contribute to creating new vacancies and positive enterprise brand positioning.

Yudin Y. M. with open hands convey his wide production experience and knowledge to his colleagues, young professionals, students of higher educational institutions.

Mr. Yudin the highly respected among colleagues from component companies integrated to the PAO «United Aircraft Corporation», academic and commercial institutions of the Russian Federation.

Yudin Y. M. repeatedly encouraged by the «IL» directory for high professionalism and exemplary tasks performance. He is active in a community work and has a great credibility in the company. In accordance with the Russian Managers Association rating «Top 1000 Russian Managers» repeatedly was one of the most professional experts in Russia.

The «IL» directory and its staff express heartiest congratulations to Yuri Mikhailovich on his birthday and wish him good health and new successes and achievements.