Tennis tournament winners awarding at OJSC «IL» named after Novozhilov G. V.

03 November 2015
On November 3, 2015 at OJSC «IL» sports and recreation center tennis tournament winners awarding took place. This tournament was devoted to 90 year anniversary of outstanding soviet and Russian aviation designer Genrich Vasilievich Novozhilov.

« Tournament in individual and pair competition started at OJSC «IL» in October. All participants wanted to win in in anniversary tournament and wanted to get award from Genrich Novozhilov’s hands. It is not only outstanding aircraft designer, but also a good tennis player, who got 1 grade. This sports and recreation center is also his merit.

OJSC «IL» honorable general designer Genrich Novozhilov congratulated all participants and organizers of the tournament with the successful finish of the sport event and gave the awards to the winners with the applause.

«All my life I was engaged in sport activity, played tennis for 50 years. Exercises helped me a lot. Besides on one hand tennis distracts from problems, on the other hand it makes us think, and accept quick decisions. Tennis is a great game!».

1st place in individual competition took Zubarev Igor Anatolievich, OJSC «IL» Head of supply service. He was also awarded winner’s challenge cup. 2nd place took Demchenko Victor Genrichovich, OJSC «IL» financial director counselor, 3rd place – Kazarin Alexander Alexandrovich, OJSC «IL» design-engineer.

1st place in pair competition took Maltsev Yuri Alexeevich and Morozov Dmitryi Alexandrovich, representatives of sport club «Krilia», 2nd place – Rubvalter Kirill Alexandrovich, OJSC «IL» Director of Economic affairs and Tyichinsky Nikolai Ivanovich, OJSC «IL» director of sports and recreation center, 3rd place – Dementiev Sergey Pavlovich and Tarasenko Anatolyi Fedorovich, representatives of sport club «Krilia».

Tennis tournament named after Novozhilov G. V. shall be held yearly, and winners’ names shall be put on the winner’s challenge cup.