Special flight detachment aircraft «Russia» Il-96-300 was assigned the name of aircraft designer Genrich Novozhilov

30 October 2015
ОАО Ил Aircraft Il-96-300, forming a part of special flight detachment «Russia», was assigned the name of outstanding Soviet and Russian aircraft designer Genrich Novozhilov. The ceremony took place in the presence of Genrich Vasilievich himself on October 30 in Vnukovo airport.

The event is associated with 90-year anniversary of Genrich Novozhilov — at the present time the top Advisor to General Director on Science, and earlier as the Chief Designer of Ilyushin S. V. Aviation Complex. Initiators of assigning name to the aircraft and installation of the table with the name of aircraft designer inside the aircraft were special flight detachment «Russia», and UAK. Under the guidance of Genrich Novozhilov the aircrafts of the following type were created — Il-96, and also, Il-76, Il-86, Il-102, Il-103, Il-114. Aircraft designer was responsible for the tests and serial production of Il-62, participated in the development of Il-14, Il-18, Il-40, Il-46, Il-54.

Department of President affairs, special flight detachment «Russia», Minpromtorg, UAK, Ilyushin aviation complex representatives arrived to congratulate man of the hour.

The official ceremony was opened by the 1st deputy of department of President affairs Nikolai Abroskin.

Genrich Vasilievich is sincerely glad and grateful for the event organizers. This event became special for the man of the hour. As Genrich Vasilievich asserts, he works with this detachment from 1959. It is very pleasant for me. I express Я express deep appreciation. Today I do not only touched the plane, but even seated at the place of the 2nd pilot. I want to wish special flight detachment clear sky and soft landings.

Commenting upon this event to the journalists, UAK member of board of directors Boris Aleshin highlighted: «I’m glad that ОАО Илpresident’s aircraft receives the name of outstanding designer. Il-96 – one of few aircrafts which bears on the wing more load than 2-motor configuration analogues. This is the 1st case when government aircraft receives the name of aircraft designer and I hope that such designers shall appear in our industry again and this tradition shall go on».

Genrich Vasilievich on his birthday, 27th of October received many congratulations and warm wishes, including from the 1st government persons. RF President Vladimir Putin in the greeting message noted G. Novozhilov priceless input in domestic aviation industry: «Your professional activity, all your life — is closely connected with the legendary design-engineering bureau named after Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin.
You were the companion and associate of this outstanding soviet designer, and later proceeded his business, input considerate personal contribution in the development of domestic aircraft engineering and on the whole in engineering science».

Chairman of the Government Dmitry Medvedev said: «Each aircraft created by you is distinguished by original design solutions, reliability and safety. As these aircrafts found extensive use in government and civil aviation, and are also popular globally — is the best confirmation».

Also Genrich Vasilievich on his birthday received rank «Honorable General Designer».