«IL» launches training program for students enrolled in the target recruitment

23 September 2015
ОАО Ил From the 1st of September, 2015, for senior students of higher educational institutions enrolled in the program of targeted training, studies focused on the company`s sphere of action are organized on the territory of OJSC «IL». Leading experts of the Experimental Design Bureau involving into the learning process.

During the program, students will acquire deep theoretical and practical knowledge in the aircraft industry, get acquainted with the history of the company, master new types of aircraft creation stages, become familiar with paper development and processing rules, «IL» aircraft production technology and creation of mathematical models of aircraft structural elements.

ОАО Ил«The company's management is interested in young people personal potential development and creation of a young professionals team. A further increase of the training level of young specialists can not happen immediately and without delay. We have developed a teaching system that will help us with this. It fosters analytical thinking required for clear arrangement of activities, prompt and professional solutions»- said, «Il» Deputy staff and administration CEO, Y.K. Shaleev

Qualitative training among the company will enable to prepare young professionals to take part in future developments and implementation of OJSC «IL» Experimental Design Bureau, to increase their education level and improve their professional competence. By the time of graduation, students will acquire the necessary engineering skills, develop a conscious and creative attitude to work, become familiar with the enterprise historical traditions.