Young specialists of OJSC «IL» became winners of scientific and technical work OAC contest

02 September 2015

MAKC-2015  OJSC "IL"

In the framework of The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS – 2015 took place the II Scientific Conference of PJSC «OAC», which summed up the contest of scientific and technical work of young professionals. 99 projects from 12 companies of the OJSC «OAC» took part in the contest.

Three scientific-technical projects written by young engineers of OJSC «IL» became winners. During the contest, they were protected by the authors in person. Among the criteria by which the works were chosen - the problem actuality for future development of the enterprise, or OAC, degree of novelty of tools and techniques to solve the problem, the thoroughness of the theme, the results applicability and efficacy in practice.

In the section «Flight. Land-based testing and research, certification, operation and after-sales service» was presented the work «Calculation of the flow characteristics behind the aircraft IL-96-400T» by Anton Sukharev and Lorenso Pakina Alexander.

In the section «Information technology in the design, testing, operation and production spheres of the aircraft» the work «Application of NVIDIA GRID graphics in virtual desktops infrastructure» was defended by Aleksey Snovidov.

In the section «Aerotechnics design» was presented the work «Creating a mathematical model of the airborne insert of cargo and personnel from the aircraft Il-76MD-90A» by Damira Vakhrusheva and Oleg Agafonov.

Young prize winners from OJSC «IL», were awarded diplomas by Yuriy Borisovich Slusar personaly, the President of PJSC «OAC».

After the conference young engineers of OJSC «IL» visited the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015, where they got acquainted with the innovations of aerospace industry and aircraft industry news.

Lectures of famous aircraft manufacturers of the country were conducted for the finalists in the framework of the II scientific conference OAC. An outstanding aircraft designer, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, Academician of RAS, S.V. Ilyushin design office Chief Designer (1970-2005yy.) Genrykh Vasiliyevich Novozhilov represented OJSC «IL.»

PJSC «OAC» consideres scientific and technical work contest an important means in sharing progressive practices, the development of the creative initiative and the involvement of young professionals in research and development. In the future the contest will be held once in two years.