Aviation complex after S.V. Ilyushin took part in aeroshow MAKS-2015

01 September 2015


On the MAKS-2015 exhibition Aviation complex after S.V. Ilyushin presented elaborations in the military transport and special aviation field.

The company's stand demonstrated Il-112V, MTA, Il-76MD-90A aircraft models as a part of the joint exposition of PJSC «OAC.» A delegation of officials led by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited the stand of OJSC «Il» in the opening day of MAKS-2015.

On the static exposition of aircrafts were presented four airplanes brand of IL. For the first time at the MAKS-2015 the Russian serial heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A and aircraft-flying laboratory IL-76MDK intended for training of astronauts in weightlessness were demonstrated. In addition, there was presented the aircraft-flying laboratory IL-103 whereby FRI after M.M. Gromov conducts flight researches and tries out landing approach system.

Viewers were able to see IL-114LL not only on land but also in the air - it took part in the demonstration flights, including the air show for the country's top leadership in the MAKS-2015 opening day. IL-114LL – aircraft-flying laboratory, created on the basis of the standard short-haul aircraft IL-114, at the commission of the St. Petersburg Research and Production Enterprise «Radar MMS». The aircraft is designed for practicing and testing of avionics systems and precision weapons systems.

Issue of Il-114 production in Russian has been touched on in the last MAKS-2015 press conference of the President of PJSC «OAC» Yuriy Borisovich Slusar for Russian and foreign journalists.

The head of the corporation said about his expectations of a positive decision on the release of the aircraft and considers it necessary for both commercial carriers, and for the Ministry of Defence. «The position of the OAC - the aircraft that should be done,» - said the President of the OAC

The leaders of OJSC «Il» attended series of business events that were held as part of the MAKS-2015. So, an agreement was signed with the Russian Emergencies Ministry with intents to supply the Ministry two aircrafts Il-76MD-90A of the civil version, designed for medical evacuations, transfer of machines, cargoes and people. On request aircraft can be equipped with airmobile medical modules. The signing of a definite contract is scheduled in 2016 year.

Also, the «IL» authorities conducted a series of meetings with official delegations, potential foreign buyers of IL-76 aircrafts, to whom IL-76MD-90A was demonstrated.

OJSC «Il» participation in MAKS-2015 attracted great interest from foreign and Russian press and blogosphere representatives. An interview with the company`s authority, visiting aircrafts, shooting their arrival at MAKS were organized for journalists and bloggers.

Showing great interest in the new modification of the Russian transporter the chairman of the Communist Party group in the State Duma Gennady Zyuganov visited aircraft Il-76MD-90A. Zyuganov thanked the Ilyshin Chief designer of «IL», the crew and the managers for the new product.

MAKS-2015 became the place to hand over the 1000th engine, model PS-90A for installation on the aircraft Il-76MD-90A, produced for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation according to the Defense Procurement and Acquisition (serial number 0108).

At the airshow Jordan Armed Forces have purchased modernized parachute platform F-7M designed for cargo parachute landing from aircraft Il-76MF.

«Il» managers addressed in leading Russian radio stations. In particular, in the live broadcasting of radio «Kommersant-FM» the General Director of «IL» Sergey Vladimirovich Velmozhkin told about the working conditions and benefits, which the company is ready to offer young professionals, invited them to work and outlined that the work in OJSC «Il» is really interesting today.